It is important to take time when choosing the best awards and trophies for your employees. Are you getting confused about choosing the perfect corporate award? One of the best ways to acknowledge the members of your company or team is to give them corporate awards. These trophies and awards can contribute to a healthy work environment that can result in quality work and collaboration.

By carefully planning everything, you can surely choose corporate trophies that are not only memorable but professional as well, regardless of what the occasion is. The following tips can help you in choosing the best awards and trophies fit for any corporate event, whether you want to honor a retiree or acknowledge an employee.

What Do Corporate Trophies Mean to Your Company?

When it comes to acknowledging the achievements of your employees, it is essential that you are on the right path. The awards that you give should mean something. However, you should avoid giving out too much since it could lose its meaning and purpose. Before you start choosing corporate trophies for your employees, think about how they fit into your business scope.

According to studies, employee recognition can greatly contribute to employee retention and satisfaction. First, you need to determine how you currently recognize your employees’ achievements and what you consider an achievement.

Afterward, you have to think about your current award system or program. Do you acknowledge your employees through emails? Do you distribute bonuses or hold celebratory gatherings? Based on your own assessment, figure out how trophies can fit into your employee recognition program.

What is the Specific Purpose of your Award?

When acknowledging an employee, it should be done for a specific reason. Maybe the employee has successfully achieved a certain sales goal that no employee has ever done before. Or perhaps the employee is retiring. Regardless of what the occasion is, be sure that there is a particular purpose for your public acknowledgment. This can be very helpful if you decide to engrave your trophy or plaque.

It can also help you in determining the appropriate award. For instance, you want to recognize huge achievements with an award or trophy that truly represents this, such as an art glass trophy or a cast bronze trophy. On the other hand, you want to give smaller yet professional awards for smaller achievements.

How to Choose Between Display Awards and Gift Awards?

Corporate trophies come in various styles and shapes. You can even design customized lamps, pins, or pens. After deciding on the particular purpose of your corporate trophies, the next thing to do is to decide if you want to display this in the office or gift this to your employee.

Gift awards can inspire employees to work harder, while display awards can be seen by other employees and constantly remind them of the employee’s accomplishment. Display awards are the perfect option if you want the employee to be consistently recognized.

Avoid Going the Cheap Route

A trophy is a unique item that recognizes the achievements of employees, regardless of what the purpose is. When selecting corporate trophies, be sure to go for high-quality awards that are created from long-lasting material.

You should only purchase awards from reputable and professional companies. Check the type of materials being used in creating these trophies. Companies that use materials such as bronze, marble, and crystal are manufacturing high-quality trophies.

Corporate trophies are likely made of stone or glass so they can last longer than those that are created from cheap wood or plastic. If you want your plaque engraved, then you should choose a sturdy material. Additionally, if you are planning to display the trophy on the wall, then be sure to use solid hardware for hanging it.

The hardware must be capable of holding the weight of the plaque. If you are not sure about the quality of the award, then you should ask questions. After all, you don’t want the plaque to fall apart after a year or a month.

Be Sincere in Giving the Award

Awarding your employees corporate trophies is already an act of sincerity since in doing so, you have recognized their accomplishments and performance within your company. However, you can make the entire process more genuine by getting those trophies and awards personally engraved and specifically designed to fit the particular achievement.

Another option would be to add a personal message on the front portion of the crystal trophy or at the back portion of the plaque. Be sure to choose a company that allows you to personalize the award.

Choosing customized awards will allow you to let your employees know that you are enthusiastic to recognize them for their hard work and you invest in their success.

Be Mindful of Future Awards

After giving out those corporate awards, most likely, it’s not the end of the road. At this point, it is important that you consider future awards. Do you want to have a monthly or annual recognition for the award that you’ve just given? For instance, if you have given the employee an award for the year 2017, then most likely, you should also recognize them for the years 2018, 2019, and so on. This will prove your commitment to your employees.

Furthermore, even though you have already determined your employee’s achievement, it does not mean that those are the only achievements that are possible. Keep on looking for ways to recognize your employees with future awards.

How to Find the Best Corporate Trophies

Searching for that perfect award for recognizing your employees may seem to be impossible but it shouldn’t be. Before making any purchase, consider what an award system can do for your company. Based on this, choose an award that directly recognizes specific accomplishments in order to have a clear vision of what the company’s goals are.

When it comes to designing your corporate trophies, choose whether you want to gift the employee with a trophy or plaque or simply display the award in the office. Be sure to invest in high-quality awards and customize the trophy to make it more sincere and genuine.

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