Trophies, prizes, medals, and plaques are excellent motivators for recipients to improve their performance and morale. Trophies have long been recognized in the sporting world. Corporates are already buying in bulk for their various appraisal programs.

As a result of these trends, there is a large market for trophies, awards, medals, plaques, and gifts that can be used for a variety of purposes. Buyer clubs, companies, and organizations are searching for expert advice to help them get the most out of their money.

The following are some suggestions to assist you in purchasing the best plaques and trophies in the most efficient ways possible. Learn the top ten things you should know about personalized trophies, awards, and medals in this article.


Custom trophies, awards, and medals are available in a variety of styles. So, before making any purchasing decisions, you must first determine what is offered and what you need. One-time awards are appropriate for individual recipients, whereas perpetual trophies are appropriate for team recognition programs.

Trophies may be accompanied by column risers, figurines, or V-series. Trophies might have the same or different material as the base. One-time trophies may have a small base that can support the award and a small plate for engraving a few features. Perpetual trophies have a broader base than standard trophies to allow for more details to be added year after year. Some trophies may also include shields or space for logo inclusion to provide options for branding.


The quality of trophies and awards is defined by several factors, one of which is material. Gold, silver, and bronze have been the metals of choice for award and trophy creation for generations.

These precious metals, together with platinum, diamonds, and jewels, retain their value today, and international sports authorities regularly use them.

Translucent materials such as glass, crystal, and acrylic give trophies a sparkling appearance when presented. Resin is now the most affordable and high-quality material for producing conventional awards. 3D printing is a relatively new technology, and synthetic materials such as acrylic and resin are the greatest options for creating extremely complex artwork on trophies.

Size & Weight

Some moments are essential for winners, and they want to show off their medals in front of a huge crowd, such as in athletics or the academy, by lifting them above their heads.

A large trophy with some weight would be perfect under these circumstances. Although certain medals, accolades, and trophies are small in size, they have enormous significance in the community. Platinum, gold, and silver are precious metals that can be extremely beneficial in such instances. As such, small but significant awards or medals are the perfect alternatives.

Given these dimensions of size and weight, you should choose your awards and trophies based on the significance and level of the event or purpose for which they are being presented.

Level of Recipients 

The term “level” refers to the first-place winner, second-place winner, and third-place winner. The size of trophies, medals, or plaques must be defined correctly. It may appear strange if the trophy for the second rank winner is larger or heavier than the award for the first rank winner. 

Requirements for Manufacturing 

When creating a custom trophy, keep in mind that the design, artwork, and specifications will differ from those of typical trophies or prizes on the market. You will need further references in order to explain your idea.  Manufacturers expect to get 2D/3D graphics or drawings with details from their clients to ensure that they accurately execute the custom design for the trophy, plaque, or medal. 

To generate those drawings or photos in the required formats, you’ll need the services of a professional graphics designer or trophy maker’s consultants. So, give those specifications to your trophy manufacturer or supplier, and you’ll get exactly what you desire.

Prototyping Services 

Design prototypes are required for extensive customization in order to obtain unique and desired quality outputs from your trophy or award maker in Texas. Prototypes might be photos or tangible objects, depending on your needs. Make sure to double-check it before placing an order. Prototypes help you attain design possibilities and the artistry of the trophy designing team to satisfy your customization needs.

Engraving Services

Engraving on trophies and awards is now practically free in this competitive period of bulk orders, but trophy and awards manufacturers ask for a charge when demands are detailed and repetitive, as in the case of permanent trophies.

Such terms and conditions for your order must be clarified well in advance. Proofread the script to be engraved several times before submitting it for final approval. Today, laser engraving is popular and produces good results.

Furthermore, transparent and translucent materials such as glass, acrylic, and crystals enable 3D engraving among several types of materials for trophies or awards. It is a type of specialized service for which you must pay an additional fee. 

Delivery Services

Most modern clients expect trophies, prizes, and medals to arrive on time, in good condition, and at a reasonable price.

For trophies or awards made of delicate or expensive materials, good and strong packaging is required. The majority of bulk orders come with free shipping incentives, so make sure you know what you’re getting into. Aside from that, many suppliers, particularly those supplying customers from offshore locations, request a preference for delivery mode and services. 

Return Services

Returns of custom-made products appear to be exceedingly unrealistic expectations. Returns are recommended for some manufacturing issues, but you must confirm the terms and circumstances before doing so.

Company Reputation of the Custom Trophies, Awards, Medals, and Plaques Provider

Finding a trustworthy manufacturer or supplier for your custom awards, trophies, and medals can be difficult. The best way to learn about the reputation of your chosen manufacturers or suppliers is to use online tools such as social media networking sites, rating and review sites, testimonials provided by customers which you can cross-check, and other corporations, clubs, and companies you know well and are willing to give you straightforward and honest opinions of their experiences with the custom awards, trophies, and medals manufacturer.  

High-quality Custom Trophies, Awards, Medals, and Plaques in Texas

If you are considering buying a custom plaque or trophy in Texas for your business, please know that there are some things to consider before deciding which company to go with. The quality of the product will depend on money as well as the time spent on designing.  Need help finding exactly what you need? Our customer service team at Hill Country Awards and Trophies is here to help! We can create a package that suits your budget and shop needs just as well as custom trophies and plaques if needed. Please email or call us at +1 512-756-6712 / +1 830-693-0009 with any questions you may have.