Everybody needs to feel valued. You need to know that the things you do matter. It gives you a sense of worth, encouraging you to do better. You are inspired to push on if you feel appreciated and acknowledged. Trophies and medals are a tangible symbol of being valued. When receiving one from your company or organization, you know that they value you as an employee. 

The truth is how you are feeling influences your behavior, consumes your energy, and affects your decisions. Feeling valued is at the core of your personal needs. Without a stable sense of value, you will have a blurred sense of who you are in this world.

You cannot give what you do not have. Valuing others entails that you love yourself first. Don’t forget your value as a person, leader, mentor, or teacher.

How do you value yourself? Practice the following:

Be grateful.

Gratitude is highly associated with happiness. It helps people have positive emotions, delight in good experiences, mend their health, face problems, and build strong relationships. Look around you and appreciate everything that has been given to you.

Be positive.

Watch out for negative thoughts and get ready to turn them into positives. Immersing yourself in ideas like, “Nobody likes me,” or “No one appreciates the things I do” will only make you feel worse. Focus on ideas that make you feel good, inside and out.

Appreciate the people around you more.

Everybody has different ways of expressing themselves. It could be a pat on the back, a small token, or a smile. When they do these, they may be communicating their indebtedness to you. Just because someone doesn’t say “thank you” doesn’t mean they don’t value what you did for them.

Be empowered to say “No.”

In whatever you do, it is good to set limits. Doing everything for others can be exhausting. When you are tired, you will look for something in return. Sometimes, you will not get them, and it will take a toll on your relationships. 

Saying “no” means that you are your own person. You know what you want and what you don’t want. Declining a request or invite is a good reminder that you are in control. You are worthy, and you can make your own decisions. There is no need for you to do anything you don’t want to do.

Speak your mind when necessary.

It is usually rewarding to share how you’re feeling. Telling your partner, boss, or kids about your ideas or how you are feeling in a given situation clears the air. It makes your relationships grow. So do not be afraid to speak up.

There are several ways to value the people around you. If you are a leader of your family or any organization, people look up to you. You should know how to give value to others. In corporate and educational systems, you must know how to appreciate your members’, employees’, and students’ efforts. 

How do you value others? Try to:

Get to know them.

Share your people’s interests. Getting to know your mentees is crucial if you want to show them that you care. Learn about their passions, what they do best, their roles, and other things about them. Use these to understand them and build a trusting relationship with them. Knowing a lot about them is helpful if you plan to reward their effort. You will be able to choose an appropriate gift to give them for their achievements or on special occasions.

Be generous with compliments.

Feedback is the fuel that enables performance improvement. When you are around your subordinates, get in the habit of giving compliments. Doing this will provide them with the confidence to refine, improve, and build new skills. You do not have to wait for them to seek praise from you. Give them one or two whenever you can, even before it is due.

Invest in them.

Offer to give them what they need to succeed. It could be time, resources, or other opportunities to hone them into better people, students, or employees. Encourage them to learn and grow at their own pace and space. The returns will be worthwhile since they will be better equipped for their roles and responsibilities.

Set clear expectations for one another.

For most people to succeed, they need a crystal clear picture of your expectations. They also need to understand how their success will be measured. Do this by setting the tone at the start of every undertaking. Providing regular updates is also a good idea. For a give-and-take relationship, you should also learn about what they expect from you in your projects together.

Make time for them.

Even when you are busy, squeeze in time to devote to each team member. Take time to see them individually as often as possible. Talk about your progress, achievements, problems, and needs. Be fully attentive when you are with them. Sometimes, they would need your advice. Give them tips and tricks that you have learned from experience. This will serve as a nudge for them to keep on going.

Allow them to be accountable and independent.

When your constituents feel your trust, they are empowered. Choosing these situations and projects carefully can help them succeed by leveraging their strengths. Assigning important jobs or topics to them is one way to do this. Find out what they are great at, and set it to them. They will undoubtedly give all effort to deliver exceptional value. Both of you will be left feeling fulfilled.

Be the one to say the tough stuff.

As a leader or teacher, your members or students trust you. You may not be aware of it, but they cling to your every word. Sometimes in the job, you have to be the bearer of bad news. You must tell them what might be limiting them from their growth. Avoid using hurtful words. Instead, use words that will leave a lasting positive impact.

Appreciate them for their efforts and sacrifices.

Expressing gratitude to those around you can inspire them to appreciate you too. Even when you are not 100% satisfied, realize that a significant amount of effort is given. Admit that there are factors beyond your control. That is why things do not always turn out the way you want them to. Whatever method you choose to show your appreciation, make it genuine and heartfelt. Your subordinates will feel it, and they will undoubtedly feel valued.

Publicly acknowledge them and their achievements.

Praising and approving your people’s accomplishments during your one-on-ones is not enough. To deliver an even greater value, acknowledge them in meetings in front of their peers and in front of other mentors or teachers they are looking to impress. Organize an awarding ceremony at the end of the year and recognize deserving individuals. Hand them plaques and trophies for their dedicated service to your company. Grant awards and medals to top students in school. This shows your genuine commitment and appreciation to your valued constituents.

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