There are a lot of reasons why we give people an award or a trophy. It can either be for a corporate setting, a sporting event, etc. Winning an award or a trophy can be beneficial to the people involved. So, why should we give out trophies? First of all, let’s explore what a trophy is.

What is a Trophy?

A trophy refers to a tangible object that is either given to a particular person or a group of people for recognizing their specific achievement. This means that it serves as proof of their successful accomplishment.

Awards and trophies can be presented on various occasions. Whether they are intended for corporate achievements or sporting events, for sure they are always well received. Trophies can make athletes feel proud during sporting events, as well as students during academic awards. On the other hand, for school settings and corporate awards, paperweights, and plaques are the best options.

Reasons for Giving Trophies

The following are some of the common reasons why trophies and awards are given to specific individuals.

For Motivation and Improvement of Productivity

Awarding trophies can help in improving productivity and motivation. Prior to the start of any event, giving a trophy to the winner can help motivate the participants in acquiring it. And consequently, it can increase productivity. Likewise, giving a trophy as an award can also encourage future participants to obtain the trophy in the future.

In the case of ongoing rewards such as Star Player of the Month or Employee of the Month, giving a monthly trophy can significantly help in motivating participants each month. As a result, consistent productivity and motivation can be achieved.

For Rewarding Success

Ultimately, the primary reason why we give trophies or awards is to reward a person or a team for the excellent performance that they have shown during a particular event or occasion. Giving an award or a trophy for a certain achievement shows that their hard work is well recognized.

At the same time, they are also recognized for participating in that particular event. Whether it is for winning a sports tournament or achieving excellent sales performance, exceptional achievements should always be rewarded.

Establishes Value

Awarding a trophy demonstrates that your hard work and effort are being valued, which leads you to win the trophy. Aside from demonstrating to the participants how you value them, it also allows other people to see how you value exceptional accomplishments.

Excellent for the Brand

Giving away awards and trophies is an excellent way of boosting your brand by taking advantage of public relations. First of all, giving awards can create a buzz in an event or around the company. It makes people talk about your brand, whether it is a sports club or a company. Additionally, presenting an award or a trophy can offer you some significant press for your brand.

Promotes a Positive Learning Environment

Presenting awards and trophies can help in promoting a positive learning environment. Trophies that are given as a reward for good behavior can help in accomplishing a certain goal or goals. At the same time, it encourages positive reinforcement. Regardless of the environment, there is always something new that will be introduced. Hence, giving awards can serve as an incentive while promoting a positive learning environment.

What Are the Different Types of Trophies to Award?

Most often, the best time to recognize company achievements, excellent performers, and benchmark goals is during the end of the year. One of the most prestigious and popular ways of celebrating milestones is to honor outstanding accomplishments with trophies. Receiving one can provide you with a great feeling, most especially if the trophy is given during an award ceremony.

But how do you select the appropriate trophy? With so many available options, it can be overwhelming. But no need to worry. Here, we are going to explore the different kinds of trophies so you can decide which one suits the best for your company’s needs.

Glass Trophies

Want the look of crystal but don’t have enough money for it? Well, no need to worry since a great alternative would be the glass award trophies. They come in different sizes and shapes while providing a clean presentation.

With glass trophies, you can complement your recognition with a stylish flair by infusing them with colors and other artful elements. A glass trophy can be given for any kind of award, promotion, or milestone. They are always great for recognizing achievements.

Crystal Trophies

Crystal trophies are also considered George Clooneys among the trophies. They are timeless, elegant, and so smooth! The most prestigious awards are truly worthy due to their weight. A crystal trophy fits any award ceremony, however, since this is very valuable, then it is only suitable for annual recognition programs. Perhaps the ideal recipients for this grand award are the employees willing to go above and beyond.

Acrylic Trophies

Acrylic trophies come in bright colors and fun shapes; however, this is just the beginning. With acrylic trophies come endless possibilities. Acrylic refers to transparent synthetic fiber that looks like glass. But unlike glass, acrylic trophies are shatter-resistant and lightweight.

Acrylic awards are perfect for those who are looking for something that is less traditional. Although there are still some classic designs that are created from acrylic. These are a perfect choice if you are giving away several trophies at once since they are cost-effective.

Metal Trophies

Metal trophies are heavy-weight and shiny too! A metal trophy is genuinely a classic award for any kind of achievement and is perfect for high honor events. When giving away a metal trophy, it is highly recommended that you should wear white gloves.

Fingerprints can be apparent in these nickel finish beauties, but no need to worry since metal trophies include a microfiber cloth to retain its shine. The material that is used for the Oscar Statuette is metal, along with the infusion of 24-karat-gold plating.

Stone Trophies

Stone trophies are considered modern beauties. They are created from various materials such as concrete, agate, and marble, making them look like pieces of art. Among the different types of trophies, stone trophies will stand out. You can easily place them anywhere, and they can always attract the attention that they deserve!

Opting for a stone trophy would be a good idea if you are looking for an award with a modern style or if you simply like the look of it. The stone award has a grandeur look, making it an excellent trophy option for any prestigious occasion.

Jade Glass Trophies

If you are looking for an affordable award with an elegant look, then jade glass trophies are the best option. These awards are slightly green, making them look uniquely beautiful. They are the perfect option if you are on a budget! You can guarantee that its quality is not compromised even if it costs less.

Wood Trophies

One of the most popular wood trophies is the one with a traditional plaque. Although they can make a statement, they can also stand independently, so you can display them anywhere you want. Generally, wood trophies are made of cherry wood, providing it with an impressive presentation while having a luxurious feel. Wood trophies are the best option when honoring a particular trait since they come with a character.

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